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Hello, my name is Pavel Zingan

In 2017, pavelzingan.md website appeared as my personal blog. At that time, I had seventeen years of experience managing mass media, but I had never tried myself as a journalist.

My education is in "Banks and Finance," and since 2000, I have been involved in creating and developing media on the internet.

In 2019, I decided to take a break from business and dedicate myself fully to journalism. The result? More than 2000 interviews that I wrote for pavelzingan.md from 2019 to 2022.

2000 meetings with new people, 2000 texts changed me and my life. And pushed me towards creating a new concept for the media market - network media. Since 2022, pavelzingan.md has been developing in the format of this concept.

Network Media

The 2020s will certainly not be a model of stability and progressive development. Everything can change. Borders, currencies, values. But there is one asset that will grow in value for the next few years. This asset is people. Partners, clients, audience.

Therefore, the primary task in network media is precisely this: to increase their "human asset" for their audience and clients. We help to meet new people, get to know them, establish business relationships with them, and become friends.


I was born and raised in Moldova. My first business was creating new enterprises, and we helped to open 18,000 new businesses in eight years.

Then I spent two decades in "traditional" media. The allmoldova and allfun projects covered all aspects of life in Moldova. pavelzingan.md is a media project aimed at supporting and promoting Moldovan business, both inside the country and abroad. And we do it in the format of network media.

For B2B businesses, we help establish new partnerships, and for B2C businesses, we increase the audience of customers and buyers. And we introduce our audience to new people who can motivate, teach, and provide useful information. In short - to change lives for the better. pavelzingan.md is about Discovery People.

We are open to collaboration

If you are a manager of a Moldovan enterprise and are considering promoting your business in Moldova or abroad - contact us, and we will discuss the strategy of our cooperation.

If you are a manager of a foreign enterprise interested in cooperation with Moldovan business - contact us, and we will help you establish the necessary connections.

And - let's be without limitations. If you have an interesting proposal for us, then contact us.

Chance rules the world, and we listen to it.

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