About the project

Hello, I’m Pavel Zingan.

For over a year now, I’ve been repeating that phrase ten or fifteen times a week. That’s how many times I introduce myself to strangers weekly. Why? Because that’s how many interviews I do every week. Talking to a stranger is a real journey. Maybe even an act of discovery. I discover new people for myself and my readers every day. Nothing could be more exciting.


What is #pavelzingan.md? It’s a twofold personal media. First of all, because 99% of the website’s publications are interviews. And, secondly, because all the interviews and posts on the site are written by only one person. By me, Pavel Zingan.


.md – means Moldova. I was born and raised here. I’m surrounded by amazing people. Businessmen. Artists. Athletes. Young talents. Entrepreneurs, IT specialists and other kindred spirits. I’m interviewing them so that you, too, are surrounded by the amazing people that you’ve read about.

Zingan’s 999

First, I decided to start with 1,000 interviews. So far, I’ve written just under 500. An interview is only a couple of pages from that book that every person deserves. To make your view of my characters more complete, there is a section on the site named Zingan’s, which contains biographies. The number - is the number of biographies published on the website.

I’m open to new proposals and ideas

What I do, I called "independent corporate journalism." “Independent ”- because I’m the one who chooses the heroes and the subjects of discussion. “Corporate” - because the audience of every rubric is interesting to one business or another. Supporting these enterprises enables me to be an independent journalist. And I really appreciate it. Therefore, I do not consider these businesses to be trivial advertisers. They are my partners, and their leaders, one might say, are my friends. If you want to suggest me a new rubric or a new project - contact me on the website or on social media. I love doing what I do. And I love unexpected proposals. Fortunately, the future is unpredictable.

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