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28 june 2023
Alina Andronic. Mostelle Philisophy -"non-invasive beauty"


The interview with Alina Andronic, Founder of Mostelle, an Advanced Cosmetology Center


Alina, good afternoon. We see a clear trend today towards changing one's appearance through injections and plastic surgery. After reading your previous interview, I was intrigued to explore the beauty industry from an entirely different angle. If I understand correctly, you are an advocate for non-invasive beauty treatments?

Absolutely. The human body is a marvelously intricate and interconnected system. This understanding led me to adopt a "do no harm" principle, forming the foundation of my business philosophy in the beauty industry. This is why Mostelle's specialty lies in advanced cosmetology and non-invasive methods for skin and body care. To put it in simple terms, not a single procedure we offer causes even a drop of blood - we focus exclusively on the external layers of the body, such as the skin and hair.

Could you explain what specific problems you help your clients address?

Certainly. Our expertise lies in several key areas. The primary concerns our clients typically present are weight loss, volume reduction, cellulite, and sagging skin. However, viewed from a broader perspective, our work encompasses anti-aging procedures, comprehensive body and face care, as well as laser hair removal. Our treatments are specifically designed to stimulate the natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid - all vital substances naturally present in our skin and responsible for its youthful appearance and beauty. This principle applies to our body treatments as well - our devices deliver noticeable results without invasive interventions and long recovery periods.

To give our readers a clearer picture, at what age do clients typically start seeking your services?

In our practice, there's no typical client age range. We serve a broad spectrum of clients, from young girls around 16 years old, accompanied by their parents of course, to women who are well over 60. In fact, we have a client who's been returning for new treatments 2-3 times a year for over five years. In essence, we're equipped to assist clients of any age, and given our non-invasive treatment principles, we strive to be beneficial without causing harm, regardless of age.

Do men utilize your services as well?

Indeed, although currently, men only constitute about 10-15% of our total clientele, this percentage has been steadily increasing over time.

What services are most sought after by men?

Interestingly, our male clients tend to have one thing in common - a busy lifestyle. For these individuals, saving time is a critical factor. As a result, when we introduced a new, comprehensive weight-loss treatment known as cryolipolysis - a single procedure that results in a "loss" of at least one clothing size - we immediately observed an increase in male clients.

Is the promise of losing one clothing size per procedure just an advertising gimmick?

Not at all, this is the reality of the procedure, although the results are not instant. Let me explain the procedure's principles. The human body is designed in a way that the number of fat cells stabilizes after age 20. Therefore, weight loss or gain doesn't occur from an increase or decrease in fat cell numbers, but rather due to changes in their size. Cryolipolysis works by destroying some of these fat cells.

Over the course of a month or two, your natural metabolism eliminates the remnants of these cells, and you slim down without the need for any surgical intervention. Of course, if you continue with a lack of restraint in your eating habits and maintain an unhealthy lifestyle, you may gain weight again. But these procedures also provide an important psychological boost. After the treatment, you have something to maintain and care for - your new, leaner, and more streamlined body.

To continue on the "male" theme, another service frequently requested by men is laser hair removal. This procedure is also a time-saver for busy individuals who want to maintain a consistently well-groomed and neat appearance. Laser hair removal is particularly suitable for those with severe skin irritation from regular shaving. After just a few treatments, clients can solve their grooming concerns far more effectively.

In a prior interview, you revealed plans to find a new location for your clinic. Could you share how many clients Mostelle serves each month?

We provide services to around 50 individuals daily, which equates to over a thousand people benefiting from Mostelle's services each month. However, my ambition to expand the clinic goes beyond merely increasing our client intake capacity. Dealing with issues such as weight loss and excessive weight is a multifaceted task that cannot be tackled through procedures alone. It often calls for the involvement of a nutritionist, and sometimes doctors, to uncover specific metabolic factors leading to undesirable outcomes. To gain a deeper understanding of my business's intricacies, I am contemplating pursuing a master's degree in medicine.

Your business seems to beautifully align with your personal philosophy.

Absolutely. I see my mission as ensuring no harm is done to individuals while pursuing their desired outcomes non-invasively. I am committed to avoiding any intrusion into the body's complex systems that could potentially create new problems. My beauty philosophy is based on self-acceptance and inspiring individuals to embrace an enhanced version of themselves. There's no need to chase the unattainable beauty standards set by glossy magazine covers. Instead, we encourage individuals to accentuate their own beauty, enhance their quality of life, and refine their mindset. Essentially, we're helping people unlock their natural beauty by freeing them from all that is unnecessary.

Marketers and salespeople are always searching for a unique selling proposition. What would you say makes Mostelle unique?

We are trendsetters in the industry. Over the past two years, we've consistently introduced new equipment and techniques that haven't yet reached Moldova. We achieve this through continuous learning and communication with international experts. This ensures that we are always a few steps ahead in a field that's constantly evolving. One of our recent innovations involves a new device which utilizes acoustic wave shock, a technique currently used in physiotherapy and wellness procedures. This groundbreaking technology has dramatically increased the efficiency of our treatments for sagging skin. What used to take 20 treatments can now be achieved in just four.

Do you find the Moldovan market too saturated?

On the contrary, we foresee the market continuing to grow. There's a noticeable shift away from invasive enhancements like injections and plastic surgery, with women increasingly gravitating towards natural beauty. Yes, this type of beauty requires maintenance, procedures, and care. Personally, I'm not a fan of the term "ageing." Let's focus on maturing beautifully instead. That's where Mostelle can be a valuable partner.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mostelle.md
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mostelle

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