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Natalia Cornitel. Elegance and Refinement in the World of Luxury Hats

Interview with the owner Mancollini Natalia Cornitel


In a world where every detail matters, Mancollini becomes an irreplaceable partner for women and men who understand that elegance is a personal statement. Today, we are discussing with the representative of this exceptional brand, Natalia, to delve into the sophisticated universe of those who carefully choose each accessory to highlight their unique style.


Natalia, behind the scenes, on an ordinary day at Mancollini, what can you tell us about the current moment and what activities occupy the day of a woman as dedicated as yourself?

In this intense period, I've dedicated the day to finalizing the details for the second part of our hat collection. I spent the day in the factory, ensuring that each piece reflects the perfection we seek at Mancollini. It's a creative and meticulous process, and the joy I feel when I see each hat come to life is priceless.

What does Mancollini convey about those who choose to wear these accessories? How do you imagine people who proudly wear your creations?

Mancollini is for women and men who live consciously, who understand that each piece in their wardrobe is an extension of their personality. We envision sophisticated individuals with an eye towards the future, appreciating beauty in every detail. Those who choose Mancollini don't just wear accessories; they carry a story, a philosophy of authentic elegance.

How do you believe Mancollini influences the choices and lifestyles of those who fall in love with your creations?

Mancollini doesn't just offer accessories; it creates a universe where each individual becomes part of a story of elegance. Those who choose Mancollini choose to make subtle statements, to live in harmony with beauty, and to transform each day into a special occasion. These accessories become not only part of the outfit but also part of the identity of those who wear them.

Describe a perfect day for a Mancollini enthusiast. What does this day look like, and how do accessories like hats seamlessly fit into this picture?

The perfect day for a Mancollini  begins with a stroll through the old streets of a European city under the warm rays of the sun. Our accessories become an integral part of the outfit, adding an extra touch of elegance and refinement. Whether it's a coffee session in a charming bistro or a candlelit dinner in a top restaurant, Mancollini perfectly complements the atmosphere.

How do you imagine the Mancollini community? What connection do these people, who share this passion for luxury accessories, create?

The Mancollini community is like an exclusive club, where its members share not only a love for fine accessories but also for well-lived life. It's a select group of individuals who understand that authentic beauty is found in details and that these details define not only an outfit but their entire life experience.

How do you wish the relationship between Mancollini and its customers to evolve in the future?

We want the relationship between Mancollini and our customers to become more than just a commercial transaction. We aim to be their guides in the world of fashion, to share stories, and to create memories together. In the future, we see ourselves developing exclusive events for our community and offering personalized experiences that strengthen the bonds between the brand and those who choose it.

In conclusion, Mancollini is not just about hats and caps; it's an invitation to live in refinement and embrace every moment with elegance. Those who choose Mancollini don't just wear accessories; they sculpt their own luxury universe, and we are here to guide them every step of this extraordinary journey.

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