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Natalia Cornicel and Giuseppe Pisano: Su Misura for the Women of Chisinau

Natalia Cornicel and Giuseppe Pisano: Su Misura for the Women of Chisinau An interview with Natalia Cornicel, owner of the Sandro Livv brand, and Giuseppe Pisano, a Neapolitan tailor. The focus is "men's fashion" for women.


Pavel Zingan: Natalia, the Sandro Livv brand has gained recognition for its creative and innovative approach to men's clothing design. What inspired you to create women's suits in the Neapolitan men's fashion style?

Natalia Cornicel: From the inception of Sandro Livv, I aimed to bring innovative elements into women's fashion as well. The elegance and refinement of men's tailoring inspired me at that time. I considered how to adapt these elements to suit the female form. I aim for our Su Misura suits to empower women to feel both strong and elegant.

Pavel Zingan: That's an excellent initiative. Giuseppe, as a third-generation Neapolitan tailor, how do you approach the challenge of crafting women's suits while preserving the traditions and supreme quality of Neapolitan men's fashion?

Giuseppe Pisano: Being a tailor in Naples means being a practitioner of an art form, deeply rooted in traditions passed down through generations. I was fortunate to train under my grandfather and father, an experience that enriched my understanding at Kiton. We prioritize material quality and meticulous attention to detail. For women's suits, we adjust our traditional craftsmanship to align with women's self-perception and their relationship to the world. The Neapolitan suit should become like a second skin for a woman.

Pavel Zingan: Natalia, could you describe one of your Su Misura suits? What makes them particularly special and unique?

Natalia Cornicel: The cornerstones of our suits are the details and material quality. Every element, from the lapels to the buttons, is part of a carefully calibrated ensemble managed by a tailor like Giuseppe. I proudly state that these suits are the essence of elegance.

Pavel Zingan: Giuseppe, does the creative process for a woman's suit differ from that for a man's?

Giuseppe Pisano: The creative process begins with selecting the finest materials and colors, then continues with taking detailed measurements and manually cutting each piece. Every seam and every detail is handcrafted by our artisans. It's a labor-intensive process, but it's what makes each piece unique and truly comfortable for its owner. Essentially, we turn clothing into a work of art.

Pavel Zingan: Natalia, why did you choose Giuseppe for the collaboration in producing Su Misura suits?

Natalia Cornicel: Giuseppe Pisano is a master of his craft and a bearer of the Neapolitan tradition. I have always admired his abilities and knew that collaborating with him would bring invaluable worth to our brand. Our shared desire to create high-quality products and our mutual passion for the art of tailoring made this collaboration natural and extremely successful. I've been observing Giuseppe since I started working with his grandfather, and Giuseppe's growing craftsmanship continues to amaze me.

Pavel Zingan: What is your overall philosophy?

Natalia Cornicel: For me, a suit is much more than just clothing. It's a form of self-expression and a way to show the world the beauty and individuality of each person.

Giuseppe Pisano: I agree with Natalia. In the art of tailoring, as in life, one should follow their passion and create only what is unique and beautiful. For our clients, a suit is a declaration of their identity to the world, a hymn to uniqueness.

Pavel Zingan: Natalia, Giuseppe, thank you for the interview and I look forward to seeing you in Chisinau. I'm pleased that you are becoming frequent visitors to our city.

Pavel Zingan
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