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08 april 2024
Neapolitan Tailoring on Eminescu Street 41

In the final week of March, Chisinau was graced with the presence of Giuseppe Pisano, a third-generation Neapolitan tailor, who came at the invitation of Sandro Livv. His mission was to provide bespoke Su Misura tailoring services to Sandro Livv's clientele.

Meet and Greet Evening

Giuseppe’s arrival at Sandro Livv was celebrated with a warm welcoming event for the accomplished Neapolitan tailor. Raised in a family where tailoring was more than a profession but a legacy passed down through generations, Giuseppe learned the craft's intricacies from his father, Luca, and grandfather, Peppino.

Resembling a player from Napoli, Giuseppe enlightened the guests about the uniqueness of men's suits, the traditional techniques employed, and how he blends modern elements to satisfy current tastes.

The creation of each suit demands 25 to 30 hours of meticulous handcrafting, with each phase meticulously carried out by one of the five specialist tailors, focusing intently on every detail.

Giuseppe's own suit, which he crafted, stood as the quintessential example of his narrative. His jacket at one point turned into a demonstrative tool, showcasing the plethora of details and subtleties that typify the work of Neapolitan tailors and his family’s legacy – his grandfather and father.

For many guests, the opportunity to compare their suits with Giuseppe’s evolved into an intriguing exercise of finding differences. The Neapolitan style of men's suiting could be succinctly characterized by its elegance, freedom, and distinctiveness.

Su Misura

Giuseppe spent the next two days servicing Sandro Livv’s clients. Surpassing the anticipated 15 clients, he attended to over 20 aficionados of men's elegance. Sandro Livv supplied catalogs from the world's top five elite wool manufacturers, ensuring the fabric for the suits matched the high standards of personalized craftsmanship.

Nearly all the clients entrusted Giuseppe with the selection of their suits' styles and bespoke details. As a result, in a month's time, Chisinau will boast twenty men appearing as though they've just strolled through Via San Gregorio Armeno.

Sandro Livv and Giuseppe Pisano

Giuseppe Pisano's inaugural visit to Chisinau signifies the onset of a promising collaboration between Sandro Livv and the esteemed Italian tailor. Alexandru Cornicel, the proprietor of Sandro Livv, has future plans to collaborate with Giuseppe in Dubai and the USA. Furthermore, a repeat visit by Giuseppe Pisano to Chisinau is scheduled for the spring, due to the high demand from clients who couldn't be accommodated during his recent visit.

Pavel Zingan
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