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Maria and Mihai Bumbu. Our work is to bring celebration every day with Lumiverse

Interview with Maria and Mihai Bumbu, founders of Lumiverse (Ghirlande.md).


Maria, Mihai, hello. Our interview aligns perfectly with the pre-New Year season, which has already started a few weeks ago, as the main topic of our conversation will be garlands - something essential for imagining winter holidays...

Maria. Good day, Svetlana. Garlands and various lighting installations are indeed among the most beloved and indispensable attributes of the New Year. However, anticipating a bit, I'll say that Lumiverse operates without strict seasonality; we work year-round, offering a wide range of services.

Mihai. Our story began with the Ghirlande.md project eight years ago. Before that, my wife and I were involved in the advertising business, and at some point, we started receiving more and more requests from clients for projects related to festive illumination. One of the first projects we implemented in this field was the decoration of a city in northern Moldova. It was a new and interesting area for us, where we saw potential and an opportunity to start a separate business direction. One of the first steps we took was a business trip to China, where we met manufacturers and signed contracts for the production of products that would meet our requirements.

Which standards did you choose?

Maria. The choice of standards and criteria depends on many factors, including the climatic conditions of the country where the illumination will be used, the level of quality you want to provide to customers, the budget of potential buyers, their tastes, and some other aspects. Since festive lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors, we chose some of the highest quality standards, namely IP65 to IP68, which guarantee safe operation at temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

Another important criteria is safety. Garlands and any illumination are primarily associated with electricity, so high quality, ensuring safe use, is our top priority. Adults and children, even your pets, if they touch or play with the garland, should be maximally protected, so we prefer high-quality products.

Mihai. The implementation of festive illumination is just one part of our work. We provide a full range of services - design and installation, production, delivery, installation, and disassembly, as well as maintenance. Thus, we offer a complete cycle of services, which is convenient for both us and the customer, who does not have to turn to another company to complete the task. Despite working on large projects, anyone interested can purchase a garland or any other decoration in our store in Chisinau, depending on their budget and preferences. It is important to note that even small garlands for decorating a Christmas tree at home or in an apartment are as the same high-quality standards we have chosen for large-scale projects.

You mentioned production. Am I correct in understanding that you import some of the products and produce some in Moldova?

Maria: Yes, we have a 1500 square meter factory where we manufacture all our large decorative metal objects, which we then decorate with garlands.

Despite the fact that the first association with garlands is the New Year holidays, you work year-round. What services do you provide?

Mihai: Winter holidays are the peak of our activity throughout the year, but by no means the only period in which we operate. In the last three years, Easter has become the second most active holiday. I think all residents of Chisinau have noticed how the city center has changed during the Easter holidays. Most installations, such as Easter eggs, bunnies, and flowers, were produced at our factory.

In addition to large-scale projects covering cities and villages throughout Moldova, we also work with illumination for private homes and commercial properties, such as restaurants, hotels, and offices. Such clients collaborate with us throughout the year, and there is no seasonality here.

Maria: We also actively work in the field of architectural illumination. Lighting is not only sparkling garlands but also special building and object lighting, which plays an important role in creating a unique picture of our city. One example of using architectural illumination elements is the circular intersection at „Buiucani” near „Flacara”. In addition to illuminating the circle itself, we installed a special neon strip around it, creating a "ticker tape" effect. Such a neon strip is an excellent solution to make movement in the city more comfortable and safe. We also use neon strips in other projects, such as marking and illuminating pedestrian areas in the city.

Our mission is not only to adorn holidays but also to make cities and villages in Moldova more attractive and safe, regardless of the season or calendar date.

Recently, the Ghirlande.md project moved to a new stage, changing its name to Lumiverse. What was the reason behind this decision?

Maria: We are not abandoning the name Ghirlande.md; it continues to function. However, on the parallel , we introduced a new brand - Lumiverse. For seven years, Ghirlande.md has offered clients quality services and a wide range of products, making us recognizable to a broad audience. But today, we are ready to declare that our work is more than just festive illumination. That's why we introduced Lumiverse - a new level of services, a new level of customer relations, and new development prospects. We improved most internal processes, including production, and worked extensively on management to present a new version of the well-known Ghirlande.md project.

Mihai: We are constantly working to improve the quality of our services, expand their range, and introduce international novelties and fresh trends to Moldova. The large projects we implement with Lumiverse reflect our values and aspirations. Our main inspiration is nature and traditional Moldovan motifs. We incorporate more elements associated with our region, nature, sun, flora, and fauna.

For Maria and me, Lumiverse is a family business that allows us to share beautiful emotions, add color and light to the streets of our hometown, making it safe and cozy. One of our most ambitious goals is to contribute to shaping a country where people don't want to leave, and those who have emigrated long ago want to return home. Without any doubts, the desire to stay in the homeland must be supported by many factors. Therefore, as entrepreneurs, we create jobs with decent wages, comfortable working conditions, and ensure that all our employees, now numbering over 100, see their future in Moldova.

One of Lumiverse's development directions is export. Have you already started collaborating with partners from other countries?

Maria: Yes, last year, we entered the Romanian market, working with the city of Slănic-Moldova. We have received collaboration proposals from other Romanian cities, so in the near future, several more urban installations will be decorated by Lumiverse.

Mihai: We definitely won't stop at Romania. The factory in Chisinau allows us to significantly increase production volumes. Therefore, our plans include being present in at least five countries with various services by 2027. In 2030, we aim to officially become part of one of the most significant and beautiful events globally - Christmasworld in Germany.

Where can one purchase garlands and how can your services be ordered?

Maria: Our physical store is located in Chisinau at 1A A. Vlahutse Street. Additionally, you can explore our range of products and services on the websites lumiverse.md, http://www.ghirlande.md, and on our social media pages http://www.facebook.com/lumiverseofficial, www.facebook.com/ghirlande.md, http://www.instagram.com/ghirlande.md.

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