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Pavel Zingan. "Made in Moldova - Globally Recognized" - The Slogan of the KAZAYAK Brand

In 2023, the renowned wine brand KAZAYAK celebrated its 65th anniversary. We offer you a concise exploration into the history and current state of the KAZAYAK brand.


The brand's name reflects a piece of Moldovan history from the time when Moldova was under Turkish Empire's protectorate. "KAZAYAK" translates from Turkish as "goose foot," mirroring the aerial view of the village, crisscrossed by small streams, home to one of the brand’s wineries.

KAZAYAK wines pay homage to perfection and traditions, encapsulating the inherent virtues of the Gagauz people – Bravery, Pride, Tradition, and Passion.

The winery in Southern Moldova, in the Valul lui Traian region, near the village of Kazaklia, shares its latitude with Bordeaux's vineyards in France. This geographical similarity, along with a mild climate and unique clay-rich soil laden with minerals, creates perfect conditions for agriculture, viticulture, and winemaking. This attracted French winemakers, leading to the founding of the Moldovan-French company “Kazayak – Vin” in 1996.

Export and Production Potential

KAZAYAK wines are distinguished by their refined design, aligned with contemporary trends, consistent quality, and flawless character. Blending Moldova's winemaking heritage with modern technology and global trends, KAZAYAK has risen to be a leader in Moldova's wine industry.

For over two decades, wine production and sales consistently exceeded 8 million bottles annually, occasionally surpassing this figure.


Victor Chira (Best Winemaker of Moldova 2019) and Anatoli Codjebaș (Best Winemaker of Moldova 2020) are the maestros behind KAZAYAK wines today. Their collaboration infuses each wine with distinctive characteristics, evident across the brand’s extensive range.

Victor Chira, a veteran with over twenty years in the field, while embracing modern techniques, still believes in the magic of wine. He serenades the maturing wine with his accordion, believing the music imparts subtle flavors.

Anatoli Codjebaș, a native of Gagauzia, trained in Odessa and interned in Chile and New Zealand. His spirited approach and Southern temperament are reflected in the wines he crafts.

Production and Global Business Connection

Over the years, the company has established robust business relations worldwide, with exports spanning from the USA and Europe to Africa, Central Asia, and China. The average export volume stands at 8-9 million bottles annually, with a production capacity of 1,550 thousand decaliters and reserves of 950 thousand decaliters.

Competitions and Awards

KAZAYAK wines regularly feature in prestigious international competitions, ensuring independent quality assessment and continual development. These include:

Mundus Vini

Berliner Wine Trophy

Challenge International du Vin, among others.

Flagship Wines

Each winemaker has a "flagship" wine, the one reserved for special guests. For KAZAYAK, this is the "Viorica," made from a native Moldovan grape, variety. Victor Chira over a decade, revived this nearly extinct variety. When "Viorica" KAZAYAK, fully meeting his expectations, was entered into Mundus Vini, it didn’t just win a gold medal; it was declared the best white wine in Moldova for 2019, the same year Chira was named the country's top winemaker.

"Viorica" from KAZAYAK is exquisite, harmonious, and smooth, with hints of tea rose, candied fruit, honey, and muscat. Yet, it is best experienced firsthand.

Future Plans for KAZAYAK

In 2024, KAZAYAK aims to broaden its market presence through participation in international exhibitions in Poland, the Netherlands, Korea, India, China, Germany, and others. This expansion will be accompanied by strategic partnerships with global companies, propelling the brand's growth and market reach.

The brand also plans to introduce new signature wines, aligning with global quality standards and taste trends.

With over 20 years of winemaking experience, KAZAYAK has become a prominent figure in the global wine market. The KAZAYAK label now graces bottles in over 20 countries and regions, gaining international acclaim, expanding exports, and continually breaking into new markets.

Pavel Zingan
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